Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where I would hold a couture runway event

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Karl Lagerfeld, in my opinion, came up with the ne plus ultra of idiosyncratic and stunning fashion show locations when in 2007 created a collection and staged it along the Great Wall of China. That would be pretty hard to top for sheer drama.

And now, It's been done.
Where would I hold a couture fashion show if money were no object? (That is to say, somewhere on earth, at a real place, where real people could feasibly attend, and not the Sea of Tranquility). Ah, the possibilities!

My first choice would be the central fountained courtyard area of Francis Ford Coppola's Rutherford winery property, just outside the main building, beginning in late afternoon, through twilight, and on into the night. More about that later.

Other ideas include my old high school gymnasium. Everyone who knocked my schoolbooks out of my skinny arms or rolled their eyes at my own original-design shell-pink moire-taffeta overalls would be courier-delivered a gold-engraved linen invitation and a limo at their door.

Kidding. (Mostly).

Ohhh, the Paramount Theater in Oakland is art deco splendor at its best... but I wonder if it wouldn't outshine any mere clothing. Or maybe it could work, if the fashions were strong enough.

The gardens of Ninfa in Italy- fabulous, mythical.

The British Museum? Louvre?

Somewhere in Sedona...

A factory floor? Bowling alley?

Maybe a lobby of a Silicon Valley company-- some of those are just terrific with huge austere spaces just waiting for a little glamour.
How about an aircraft carrier?

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Before I scurry back to reality:

With thanks to Mike over at Secret Base of the Rebel Black Dot Society for this idea, I'd like to propose a Song of the Day suitable for a runway:

Human, by The Killers
(Day and Age)

Respectfully submitted,


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